Are you a philosopher?

To know the answer to that question, one must first have an idea about what philosophy is.

Many people think of philosophy as difficult, abstract, theoretical, something that belongs to the sphere of academia.

It really isn’t. Basically, philosophy is asking questions about how to live. Philosophy from the start has been something that is supposed to be practical and useful in everyday life.

If you catch yourself reflecting on your existence, thinking about why you do what you do, about life and death, about how to give your life some sense of meaning, you are philosophizing.

Some people rarely think about these things. Others a lot. I belong to the latter group.

Philosophizing is more about the questions than the answers to those questions. It’s a quest. A quest to know yourself better.

Questioning your convictions and your choices. Facing your questions and your doubts.

Examining what’s important to you. Thinking critically. Not settling for easy answers.

Trying to understand what might not be understandable.

So, are you a philosopher?